Things to do in Cozumel, the east side beach

The east side is what we call the “untouched side” of Cozumel, thanks to minimal construction and development it really provides that island feeling to visitors.

If you are looking for classic, white sandy beaches this is the place. However, to visit it you will have to take some considerations.
For example, there are no gas stations out of town and toilets are only found in the few restaurants. Most of the beach areas have no sun protection and also to prevent any surprise with the exchange rate it is a good idea to bring some Mexican pesos with you.
This is why I strongly recommend that you plan your trip to the “other side” starting in the supermarket buy some drinks (specially water). Check to see if the car has sufficient gas and try to bring a big umbrella or something to help create shade on the open beach!

To get there….

Start at the 30 avenue and continue on to the Transversal Road. It takes about 8 miles to reach the East side beaches so keep driving until you find Mezcalitos Restaurant.
Also, if you are interested in an Archaeological zone, on that same Transversal road you can find the entrance to teh San Gervacio ruins.

Once you reach Mezcalitos the road continue to the right, continue on the main road.
The one way road you see at the left side, is only for bicycles. Some people use that road with scooters, but is against the local transit rules.

Some beaches are very rocky, especially when entering the water, which makes it very difficult and dangerous in some parts to swim.
I recommend going to the points marked on the map, since they have access to the sea with sand.
It is highly reccomended not to swim far from the shore. Currents are deceptive and there are usually no life guards available at any of these beaches or beach clubs. HAVE FUN and BE SAFE.

Restaurants, beach clubs and drinks to go along the entire coast.


Punta Morena
Ventanas al Mar/Coconuts
El Pescador/Chen Rio
Playa San Martin
Mirador Cozumel
Drinks To Go

Mirador (Viewpoints)
These are beach areas which have scatterd palapa huts that provide some shade. There are not very many available so it is still a good idea to bring your own shade.


Mirador Chumul
Mirador Chen Rio
Mirador San Martin

Campamento Tortuguero.

From May to November, Cozumel is home of thousands of turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs.

Rent a Jeep and visit the East side of the island, is definitely one of the best things to do in Cozumel.


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