Otates, great for Mexican Dinner.

It’s a difficult task to describe Mexican food because Mexico is a country with a lot of culture. Each region of the country has its own traditions, especially with food.

But here in Cozumel,  Los Otates has a variety of Mexican options like tacos and burritos. However for me, its the place to eat Pozole which is a rich soup made of hominy (dried corn kernals) pork, seasoned with chile peppers, onion, and garlic. Also garnished with radishes, avocado and limes.


This dish can come in three different displays of red, white or green. All depending of which salsa was used to make it. Creating reference to the Mexican flag, specially in September, the month of our Independence day. However, the red one is my particular favorite.

I always accompany my order with tacos, BUT Los Otates has special tacos. They have the classic “Tacos al pastor” along with beef tongue and brain. That kind of “exotic”  yet traditional option is my favorite. Some must-try tacos would be the tongue, corned beef (cecina) and suadero (smooth beef cut between stomach and leg).  If you have never eated beef tongue or tacos de lengua, its not like it sounds. It’s a surprisingly very tender and tasty meat. 


Best way to pay is with Mexican Pesos as this is another “local place” so the prices are very affordable.



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