El Pezcozon, fresh seafood in Cozumel

I’m very excited to talk about this seafood restaurant because it was a great surprise.

Before this visit, I had never heard about this place so I really didn’t know what to expect.

The establishment is really clean, decorated with nice paintings on the wall.
The service fast and the food really fresh.
I asked for shrimp “empanadas” and a small mixed ceviche to have a real point of comparison with other restaurants.

The ceviche was great! So fresh with a very balanced flavor. Not full of limes or salty but a real fresh and natural taste.


The empanadas kept the same tone, with very natural taste. The empanada was stuffed with shrimp, fried onion and tomato. A plentiful serving of 3 empanadas.


Honestly, by this time I was already full.  Didn’t think I could eat more but I had to review one of the main specialty dishes of this place.
“Poc-chuc” octopus coming right up! I failed to ask how they make it, but I could easily identify the taste of garlic and achiote (also known as annato, a bright red seasoning that gives a mild earthy flavor). Simply amazing.


I ordered a Michelada and Chelada, both beer beverages mixed with assorted sauces or spices. If you’re unaware of these beverages, Micheladas have chile which is not necessarily spicy but if you’re not a fan, best to let the waiter know. Cheladas are a more simple lime juice and salt mixture.


The restaurant is not accepting credit cards right now, so cash only.
They do accept dollars but its recommended to bring Mexican pesos to avoid dollar exchange rate surprises.
In the aspect of the seafood world, the prices were fair.
For a couple of beers, mixed ceviche, empanadas and octopus it totaled $450 pesos.


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