Cuatro tacos

Are you looking for a restaurant who offers the best quality in tacos?
Cuatro Tacos not only offers the best quality but a great variety of tacos made with beef, chicken and even vegetarian options.

The restaurant is located centrally just a few meters from the beach, so you can feel the fresh sea breeze.

The staff is very attentive and the service fast, although I should mention that the day I went, I was the only customer in the restaurant.
The design & decor is rustic, which suggests to me that have opted for quality of the food.

Although you can order separate tacos, the staff encourages you to make orders of four tacos.Each taco is priced accordingly and you can choose from a variety which includes vegetarian. Cheese can be added for additional cost, upon request.

The sauces are delicious and varied, making the perfect companion for your tacos. I recommend that before adding to your taco, try each one separately, as some can be very spicy.


Everything was delicious, we ordered eight different tacos and each one was great. Good quality meat, soft and not greasy.



Certainly not the common price for a taco restaurant, but seemed fitting considering the quality of the ingredients and the location of the restaurant.

It is open from 1pm to 12am. You can pay with Mexican pesos or American dollars, credit cards are not allowed for the moment.


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