Cozumel Thirsty Cougar

One of the most remarkable places on the Cozumel boulevard. Offering live music with its perfect seaside location, it attracts energetic crowds and makes for a great atmosphere.

The ideal place to talk and share with friends, it’s common to find instructors and dive guides at the end of their working hours to enjoy a couple of beers with customers.

Although they offer dinner and drinks, this review is more focused on this place as a bar.

I had always heard their Margaritas were very good, so I decided to check if this was true. I was amazed by the size of the frozen Margarita; enormous and delicious!

We ordered two, first was a mix of strawberries, mango and coconut, the other a peanut & chocolate.


So tasty I couldn’t feel the tequila in it, only at the end when a slight numbness in the neck reminded me that the delight I was consuming was not ice cream but a powerful margarita!


The volume of the music was perfect to talk and the staff very attentive, we had a great night.

Weekly live music and all the staff spoke English. They accept payment in American dollars, Mexican pesos and credit card.


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