The Splendid Toadfish of Cozumel

Did you know that Cozumel has an endemic fish?

The incredible Cozumel reefs are the habitat of the majestic “Splendid Toadfish”.


Blue with white stripes and bright yellow on the tip of its fins, its distinguished from other fish for its beauty, unique color and how difficult it is to find it.

They live in holes formed between the coral reef and you rarely see them emerge. You’ll need a lot of luck to see one in its entirety.

However, that luck is increased at night! During night dives you can hear their distinctive sound that resembles a frog. It is a nocturnal fish so it takes advantage of the darkness at night to feed on minnows.

This little guy is incredibly territorial, so as soon as another fish approaches, it will immediately chase it away.

– Come to Cozumel and explore its underwater world. –

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