Steakhouse in Cozumel “Al pie del Carbon”

For all those meat lovers, here is my encounter at the restaurant “Al pie del Carbon.”
This small restaurant is located on the 5th North Avenue on the island of Cozumel. I had a good experience, the place is very clean and the service was excellent.

When you enter, you are immediately refreshed with the air conditioning. Inside is fairly small with about five tables to comfortably seat around twenty people; creating a private yet pleasant setting.

After a quick glance at the menu we ordered sangrias, which was complimented by a savoury bread and garlic butter.



We ordered the “New York” steak and a “Vacío Argentino” (flank steak) but to start, a natural melted cheese for an appetizer.
The melted cheese, (Queso Fundido in Spanish) was accompanied by 4 flour tortillas and although it had a satisfying flavor, it was nothing “out of this world”. But great for the price while we waited for the main dishes.


Something that I particularly liked is that inside the air conditioned restaurant there was no smell of meat or barbecue, even though the place is relatively small.

The main dishes looked incredible! Great cuts of meat paired with vegetables and a baked potato made my plate “picture perfect”. The girl who attended us kindly offered us sour cream for the potatoes but it’s not my favorite so I opted for the seasoned butter that we had with the bread.


The “Argentine flank” was medium-well and the “New York” was cooked medium. The flank steak had an incredible balance between its doneness and not being dry. On both plates the cuts were tender and of very good quality. According to the menu their cuts are “Certified Angus Beef”, which is a trademark of beef from the United States.


If you like to know more about this brand:

Overall, I really liked Al pie del Carbon with its comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The next time I have a craving for a great cut of meat, I will know where to go.


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