Sal de Mar the new Restaurant in Cozumel

Sal de Mar is the new restaurant in Cozumel that everyone is talking about, quite a few people have already asked me if I’d gone or knew how it was. Well tonight I decided to explore it and we got a surprise.
On the outside the place is very striking and inside is marvelous with its architecture and design that is totally different from what you normally see on the island. With indoor and outdoor areas separated by glass walls, this restaurant allows you to dine inside the lounge with a view of the exterior. I always choose to eat in the closed areas of a restaurant because I don’t fancy to dine with heat or mosquitoes.


As a newer place the service is very attentive, the waiters give excellent service and help you choose from their (for my taste) limited menu. The menu is different from what I have seen before. It has almost the same amount of appetizers that it does of main dishes and desserts, which I found confusing. Choosing our meal was a dilemma as some of their dishes are quite original, we found it challenging to imagine the flavors.
Fortunately, our kind waiter was there to guide us, so with his help we started with a mussel platter and obviously… a pitcher of sangria. The sangria was a pleasant surprise as they brought a 2 liter jug that feels like it never ends! Pure happiness.


As main dishes we ordered Tuna (catch of the day) Carbonara, Seared Sriracha Tuna and a tagliatelle pasta with Shrimp Ajiaco. The Tuna Carbonara was delectable as it came accompanied by sauteed teriyaki vegetables and pasta covered in that creamy carbonara sauce. To my personal taste, being a fresh tuna, I would have preferred it a little less cooked but nothing to discredit the dish, it really was delicious.


The Seared Tuna came served on a light chip, not a classic corn chip, but a light and crispy wheat flavored chip. With just the right amount of Sriracha sauce the seared slices were able to maintain that flavor of fresh tuna that I really appreciate.


Our last dish of the evening, the Shrimp pasta, reminded me of a curry with such a strong and spicy flavor.


We couldn’t finish the night without a dessert and by saying dessert I mean… chocolate. What can I tell you, it’s chocolate!


It was a nice night and this restaurant joins the wide variety of “gourmet” options on the island of Cozumel.
With interesting architecture, a well cared service and an original menu, Sal de Mar is definitely a fresh breeze to the palates of Cozumel.


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