Chichen Itzá near caves. Balankanche.

The grottoes of Balankanche Caves are the gateway to the Mayan underworld. These caves are located 6 km from Chichen Itza, just outside the village of Xcalacoop.

They are considered an ancient Mayan ceremonial center. The grounds has several facilities such as bathrooms, a spacious parking lot and a small informative museum where you can know a bit more history of this place.


Tours are made every hour, so I recommend arriving according to the timetable or you will have to wait a while.


The cave was refined to make it easier to enter through stairs and illuminated corridors but always respecting the original position of the altars and offerings that were found inside.


The journey inside the cave is several hundred meters long with its depth at 23 meters at maximum.

Original staircase descends 10 meters at the entrance of the grotto.


The warmth and humidity inside the cave can make you feel a bit light headed. I recommend that you walk slowly and be well hydrated.

According to the information that the guide gives you, these caves were used for offerings to the god Chaac, the god of rain for the Mayans.

Inside are plenty of bats which enhance the mystical atmosphere. These kinds of places I enjoy very much because of the limited amount of people in the world who have been there. It makes the experience all the more special.


During my visit I was trying to imagine how it could have been to find and explore the grotto, in darkness and without any kind of road or guide. Simply amazing.


On your way to Chichén Itzá stop and visit the caves of Balankanche, the tour is short and remember, it is a very unique place on the planet.Chichen


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