Light and Sound in Chichén Itzá. “Noches de Kukulkán”

Noches de Kukulkan is an event of light and sound at Chichén Itzá in which the ancient history of the Maya is narrated while displaying images projected onto the pyramid of Kukulkan.
Chichen at night.

chichen de noche

This event has several years running, however it has been maintained and improved. It is an incredible opportunity to see the structures at night with the illumination and a sky full of stars.


To enter the nights of Kukulkan you need to first buy your tickets. They are not the same as entrance during the day, these tickets are a bit more expensive with a limited amount. The price is about $450 pesos per person and there is no type of discount, whether you are local, Mexican or foreign we all pay the same.


Tickets get sell between 5 pm and 7 pm, not before nor afterwards. An advantage is that tickets can also be purchased online on this page.

When purchasing your ticket you have the option to choose your seats, if you are going to attend with family or friends I recommend not choose places that include number 20 and 21 as there is a corridor in the middle that does not appear on the monitor when purchasing your tickets.
Once you have the tickets, collect your audio guides! The audio guides are an ipod with an app where they have recorded the narration for each area you will approach while walking the grounds; it is very useful and advisable.


The narration in the guided tour (ipod) is available in several languages; English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Something that I hope they add soon is the English narration of the main projections, as Nights of Kukulkan is narrated only in Spanish. I’m sure they will find a way soon to make a simultaneous narration in English.
At 7 pm they open the doors, so when purchasing your ticket they recommend that you arrive around 6:30 pm to scan your ticket. Curiously there is a lot of control at the entrance, staff check your name between 3 or 4 times while another person counts those entering to correspond with the ticket scanner.


At the beginning of the tour you have time to take pictures around the main pyramid of Chichen Itza. The Pyramid of Kukulkan.


When the lights go out means that the show is going to start, so it’s time for you to sit down. Take note that flash photos are not permitted and it is recommended to have respect for the people who are sitting around you.
The spectacle of light and sound “noches de Kukulkan” is a series of projections on the pyramid of Kukulkan with a continuous narration of the history of the Mayans.


The show lasts about an hour and a half.
Something important, if you don’t bring your own car, your only option is a cab. The taxi can take you both to the bus station and to some hotels in the area.
At the end of the event I spoke with a taxi driver to see if there was always taxi service available, especially at the end of the event, when it finishes around 8:30 pm. The cab driver told me that they keep returning to Chichén until there are no more clients waiting. However, he also very kindly provided me with the phone number of the taxi site in Piste which is a small town a few kilometers from Chichén Itzá.
(985) 851 0200

This number is very important, remember that if you finish the event and you can’t find a cab, you can call that number and ask them to send you one.
On this page you can check the schedules of the departures of the Piste Yucatan Bus.

Chichén Itzá is a world-renowned Mayan city, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place and while you are here, stay two nights in Kukulkan… you will not regret!

chichen caracol


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