The idea of this blog is to provide real information from the various restaurants and activities in Cozumel.

Through the menu you can browse categories. When selecting your interest, different posts will appear. 

The page is designed for fast and dynamic use, so we have not included heavy photos or videos that can generate high data usage.

This idea and inspiration comes from the many tourists with whom I have contact with. My name is Norman and I am a scuba instructor in Blue Angel Resort. I have worked there for a long time and our clients have asked me many times for dinner recommendations  or where to find the best local food.
So I gave myself the task of eating a lot and spend a lot of cash for tourists to have the opportunity to know what Cozumel has for them!

Soon after the project started, two great girls got involved. Melissa, who is responsible for editing and translating to the English language, and Ayano, who translates all the Japanese language.
I hope in the near future we will have more translators.

–We want the whole world to know about Cozumel–

Feel free to leave your comments, or email us if there is anything in particular you’d like to know about the island.